If you’re a current visitor, you probably know that people here in the “Peninsula of Yucatan” has a certain humor, and with that I mean, a very funny one!

locals are distinguished because we are very friendly and we make people smile with any of our jokes or stories, that’s why some people has created some shows for tv that represents our culture but in a good and healthy way.

For example, we have “La gruta del alux”, Aluxes are spirits that protect our homes or even our farms, but be careful with them and also show some respect to them because, they are kind of aggressive, well that’s what the stories about Aluxes said; in this show you can see how it’s the life of the people reflected on animals or spirits, it’s very funny! they have even songs! here one where they teach kids to speak mayan.


There’s another called “titeradas” it’s very funny too!!! but this show it’s with puppets! and you know what people said about puppets… EVERYBODY LOVES PUPPETS!

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