If you come here and you are planning to take a tour to Chichen, Xcaret, or any form the Peninsula of Yucatan, and you you want to impress your friends, this kind of posts are going to be very helpful!

In this post you’ll learn how to say 10 animals in mayan, some of the most used here, later we will be posting more, don’t worry!

Áak – Tortuga – Turtle


Áakach – Tábano – Mosquito (kind of mosquito very common here)

Can – Culebra – Snake


Chi’ich – Pájaro – Bird (any)


Kai – Pez – Fish


Kax KuKulcán – Boa – Boa


Kutz – Pavo real – Peacock

Ma’ax – Mono araña – Spider monkey

Miss – Gato – Cat


Moo – Guacamaya – Guacamaya






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