Today we are going to talk about Isla Muejres, how to get there, places to visit, places where you can eat, some of the best scenarios for photography etc, Let’t get started!

Where’s Isla Mujeres?


Isla mujeres is located near to Cancún, but wait, near to Cancún in boat beacuse is not in the continental side, you have to take a boat to get there, here’s some places where you can take it. Click in the following link.


Once you get there I highly suggest to rent a golf car or if you’re in good shape a bycicle, and take a tour in the island by yourself, it’s very easy and the locals and guide you in case you get lost, also you can make a round in the island, but be careful! there’s two ways to do it, in one the road is awesome and there’s no ups and downs every 5 metters, and the other well it has ups and downs every 5 metters, once by mistake I took the last one and I ended very exhausted.

Isla mujeres is a small Island so it’s easy to do it.

a walk to the left and about 4 blocks to find a beautiful beach known as Playa Norte, this extends to the Hotel Mía, which is located at the other end of the beach, is known for a beach seminude beach since women are possible topless, it is a family beach so do not go further even if the the heat is strong. In Playa Norte there are some bars, restaurants and hotels. But the best is the tranquility of its waters, you can walk up to 200 meters and water in some parts to get to the knees.

Other activity that is a MUST! is eat the famous Tikinxik fish it’s a recipe heritage of Mayan cuisine that when you taste it you feel in paradise.

At nightfall you can visit Fayne’s is a bar with live music to dance, almost always full of foreigners; another is La Terraza, it has very good music (weekends live salsa) and tourists and locals come. Another is VIP, a bit   small, as well as Koko Nuts with a fresh, palapa-like atmosphere, rustic with good drinks and music and finally there are Euforia and My Space which are the favorite places of the local people. Everyone is in the center of Isla Mujeres, you can get there simply by asking.


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