Ek Balam is found 26 km north of Valladolid and 186 km east of Merida. Alluded to as the “Dark or Black Jaguar”, holder of glorious structures covered up among extensive trees, it has risen up out of the past to uncover some of its insider facts. Ek Balam has 45 structures and is encompassed by two concentric stone dividers connecting most other focal structures. It lets loose court, an extremely excellent curve which prompted the consecrated way, which in all circumstances associated the Maya kingdoms. We can likewise discover falling star and snake hieroglyphics, which are delightfully cut landmarks in stone squares. The structures meet different building styles, yet there are points of interest that make them extraordinary, for example, pictures that look like winged heavenly attendants.

It is not famous like Chichén Itzá, so you will be able to enter without making big lines, to take pictures without crowds and to walk calmly without annoying sellers. But the best thing is that you can climb to the top of the pyramids and contemplate the spectacular jungle that surrounds it.

After visiting the archaeological zone, you can go to the cenote Xcanche, this is about 1500 meters away, in fact, a few steps from the box office of the archaeological zone you can see a small place where you can rent a bike at 40 pesos per person to go To the cenote, although you can get there on foot. The entrance to the cenote costs 30 pesos per person (2 USD) and in addition to being able to refresh yourself swimming in its waters, you can take some optional activities such as rappelling, hammocks, zip lining and bicycles (at an extra cost).

Travel light, carry plenty of water, mosquito repellent, tennis or comfortable shoes and do not forget the camera and extra money, just in case.

Ek Balam is a unique place, sometimes you can find yourself alone on top of a pyramid, feel the wind in your face and hear the birds singing in the jungle, it is a place to fill you with peace and tranquility, visit it! worth it.

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