Do you know the most famous story about aluxes in Cancun?

Aluxes are known in the Mayan culture as small supernatural beings with whom peasants pact to protect milpas, which over the years are reached by urban development, as happened on the federal highway that connects the city with Playa del Carmen .

The Cancún-Nizuc bridge, which goes to the city’s International Airport, was carried out by the Communications and Transport Office, and has been the subject of one of the most representative and famous legends of Cancún.

Arriving in Cancún by the road that connects this city with Chetumal, at the height of the deviation to the airport, you can see a small Mayan pyramid under a bridge.

For many it is a piece of ornament illustrative of the Mayan culture, however this one has origin in the belief of those who participated in the construction of that step above.

At the beginning of the nineties the bridge was lifted and on several occasions it fell, there was no explanation from the experts who worked on the infrastructure, until someone suggested that there were aluxes and they had to build a house for them to let them follow With the work.

With the logical reservations of the case, it was decided to make the house for the aluxes and finally it could be finished with the bridge.

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