In this destination culture, history and one of the best beaches in Mexico they are combined . The only archaeological site that sits on the seashore , is the most photogenic of the region and perhaps the entire country site . Tulum was a Mayan fortress lived its moments of glory at the end of the classical period ( about 1000 A.D. ) . The most iconic structures , called “The Castle ” is on the edge of a cliff from where the turquoise waters of the sea are appreciated. This is undoubtedly the most photographed corner of the area.


If you come here and you are planning to take a tour to Chichen, Xcaret, or any form the Peninsula[…]

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Tips to Keep a Hurricane from Ruining your Vacations

The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts in June 1st , and ends November 30th. August through October are statistically the[…]

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“Chichen Itza & Tulum ” History that should be know before of your travel

Chichen Itza and Tulum were cities dedicated to the cult of the ” descending god ” by astronomer-priests who saw[…]

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